You’ve found it. The bridge between your book babies and the readers to devour them.

E-Lectory is a different breed of reader engagement platform. Yes, you can release ARC’s, yes you can use the platform to find reviewers, but that’s not the fun bit.

E-Lectory is about your readers sharing, sharing, sharing your books with their friends on their social media accounts and recommending them to others. Why? Because the biggest influencer on consumer behaviour in this sector (and many others, since you asked) is a recommendation from a friend. That’s how we get our work in front of those that should be reading it.

How does is work?

When a reader requests to download your book, they will be given a link to a pre-made post, specific to your book, to share on social media. On sharing they will receive a proportion of your book to read, share and repeat with a maximum of three posts to share per book. They will then have the option to leave a review.

PLEASE NOTE: While readers are required to share the pre-made post to read and to continue reading, they are NOT required to leave a review. This is purely discretionary and we can not influence this in anyway.