Introducing Author Leigh Hall

Leigh is a believer in fairytales, the kind that keep some people up at 

night. Graduating from the school of hard knocks, she is a realist and always 

looks for multiple sides to everyone she encounters.

She lives in Texas with her family of gremlins and their amazing dogs. 

Not only does she love the heat but she is preparing herself just in case there 

in fact, will be a hell at the end of all this. 

Because she hates people so much, she spends all her time in the land of 

fictional characters and keeps her head buried in a book. With ideas constantly 

running around in her strange mind, she decided to dip her toes into writing. 

Girl Bully is her first novel and was released on 09/03/2020. She writes disturbing

psychological thrillers and romantic suspense. If you are looking for happy endings 

you might want to look elsewhere.




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